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G. Scott Pattison has the heart of a counselor and the experience of a church revitalizer. Serving as a local church pastor since 1985, In those years he has served one of the smallest churches, and 2 of the largest churches in Indiana. He has served some of the oldest and some of the youngest churches. He has worked with “tall steeple downtown” churches, along with small town and suburban congregations.

He has led churches through worship renewal, re-staffing, and realignment of ministry and focus. He followed two founding pastors; both churches were started in the mid-late 1980’s to reach people that traditional churches were not reaching. The first founding pastor Scott followed was in 1995, and the second was a large, multi-site congregation with 4 worshipping experiences at 2 campuses, following the death of the founding pastor. He currently is serving a church that is working with another church in town, to “reimagine” cooperative ministry, so that both churches are better positioned for the post-pandemic world.

Scott is a trained individual and group coach through an ICF (International Coaching Federation) coaching school, and ACC certified with ICF. Scott has also been active in the Indiana Conference’s healthy church initiative called Fruitful Congregation Journey as a participant, part of consultative teams, a teacher, curriculum writer, and coach since 2010. This process is now called ADAPT in the Indiana Conference. He is also a trained coach in Indiana for the ADAPT process (healthy church initiative for churches over 100), and Church Planters. He also teaches two courses for the Indiana Online Local Pastor Course (Pastoral Care and Mission and Evangelism).

He is working with Dr Sam Rainer and Church Answer ministries. He received certification through Church Answers as a Certified Church Consultant.

Scott received his call into full-time Christian ministry the summer before his Junior year in high school while attending church camp.He seeks to grow personally, and lead churches to make a difference in the world in practical ways where people live, work, and play. 

He earned a BA in Psychology, a MDiv, and a DMin in Leadership Development with a focus on church renewal and a focused dissertation on the Principles of Renewal and Revitalization Based on the Doctrine, Spirit and Disciple of the Wesleyan Revival in England in the Eighteenth Century. 

Scott is married to Anita since July 20, 1985, who is also a trained ICF coach, and certified Church Consultant. They have 2 adult sons Zach (married to Monica) and Matt. 

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